Frequently Asked Questions
Here is the list of Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs that you should take note when navigating through the site. It will give you enough information to successfully use the Kim Clement School of The Prophet website.

  • What is the School of the Prophet?
     The School of the Prophet is an online learning platform designed to teach students how to live prophetically. It is a self-study course that includes a summary, video message and quiz and for each lesson. Kim's first three school courses (Perceptions, Revelations and Destiny) included Journal Questions. Students are encouraged to study at their own pace.

    Upon clicking on the Lesson, you will notice the naviagation at the top of the page for Summary, Video and Quiz. Complete each lesson in this order:

    • Summary - This section contains a summary of the lesson. The Perceptions course contains a full transcript of the video
    • Video - This is the main part of the lesson. Kim (or Fiona for the Israel/Islam courses) will give the lesson lecture
    • Quiz - This is a quiz that tests your knowledge of the lesson. It is required to complete the lesson and earn your certificate
    • Journal Questions - This is not required for a certificate, but meant for the student to use as a time for personal reflection and to think about how to apply the lesson in their own life.
  • Am I able to purchase a DVD of the course?
     Only the DVD's for the Perceptions, Revelations & Destiny courses are available for sale.
  • How can I enroll in the School of the Prophet?
     Click here to enroll.
  • How do I contact Customer Support?
     Click here to contact Customer Support.
  • How long can I access the course? Is there a time limit?
     The course is available to access anytime within 1 year of the purchase date.
  • When were the course videos filmed?
     The Prophetic Perceptions and Revelations were filmed in 2009, while the Destiny and Israel is Forever courses were filmed in 2010. The Truth About Islam course was filmed in 2011. The Israel and the Church course was filmed in 2012. You may notice Kim or Fiona making references to events occurring around that time period.
  • The color scheme and graphic arrangement for the Truth About Islam course is quite an ugly combination. Why is that?
     The color scheme was chosen to reflect the ugliness of the Islam religion.
  • How do I qualify for a certificate?
     To qualify for a certificate, you must first complete all lesson quizzes. The journals (Prophetic Perceptions, Revelations and Destiny only) are for your benefit and are not required to receive a certificate.
    • 100% completion of every lesson earns you a Certificate of Completion with Honors
    • 70% completion of the lessons earns you a Certificate of Completion
    • Completion of at least one lesson earns you a Certificate of Participation

    Once you qualify for a certificate, the certificate download link will appear on the left side of the lesson list page.
  • Can we access the school and videos through a mobile device, such as iPhone or iPad?
     Yes, the School of the Prophet website is compatible with an iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices.
  • Can we download the videos to our computer?
     Not at this time.
  • How do I pay by mail or paypal?
     You can mail your payment into: PO Box 470223, Tulsa, OK 74147-0223

    Contact customer support and let them know you would like to pay by paypal, and they will send you the payment link.